Performance Support – Seems so Right – Why so hard?

Last week our garage door would not work. When I pressed the button on the opener, the door would start to go down and then stop.

Car stuck behind garage door that won't open.

At that Moment of Solve when we are at home and don’t know what to do, what do we do? We Google the problem and find a YouTube Video or online manual to help us resolve it. This has become the norm at our house. If I don’t know how to do something or want to cook something totally new and different, I look on line to find my answer.

We all do this. So why is it so difficult to get “buy in” and support for Performance Support solutions within an organization? Why the resistance? What can we do to overcome the resistance?

As I reflect on these questions, here is what I have observed and experienced as I worked to drive Performance Support within an organization.

Why the Resistance?

  • We find it difficult to explain the concept of Performance Support.

  • There is lack of data to support the investment in performance support.

  • We don’t know what other companies are doing and what the impact has been on their organizations.

  • There are large technology resources to commit and challenging solutions to implement.

  • The challenges include ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.

  • Another challenge is ownership--who owns Performance Support, the business or L&D?

  • Changes will be required within L&D to support new designs and thinking about performance and learning.

What can we do to overcome this resistance?

  • Find a small business problem or maybe even a problem within your L&D organization where you could develop a Proof of Concept to let folks experience the world of performance support.

  • Explain the concept in many different ways - the phrase six times six ways comes to mind, but try 10,000 ways 10,000 times using examples that work for each audience.

  • Do your own benchmarking. Find organizations and folks within the Performance Support Community who have had success with implementing a Performance Support solution to share their data and successes.

  • Educate your L&D teammates on the power of Performance Support. Create your first Proof of Concept around a performance challenge within the L&D organization. Let me experience the power first.

We are transformation agents and transformation takes time, energy and lots of hard work. Let’s create a Forum on the Performance Support Web Site where we can exchange ideas and solutions to the resistance we face. I and others in the community would love to hear your stories about resistance and how you overcame challenges as Performance Support Transformation agents.

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