​​The PS community is an active and vibrant community both on the site and in the L&D industry.  We host monthly webinars which are free to our members and recorded for later viewing.  We currently have over 40 recorded webinars on the site. Many of our members also speak at industry events all over the world.

The PS Community's free webinars are by far the most popular part of membership.  Where else can you gather with colleauges from across the world from your own desktop?

February 26, 2015

Note: This is a recording of a past event

One of the most requested resources by our members are best practices, lessons learned, and examples.  In response to that we will be starting a new webinar series this year entitled "Making PS Work!".  We will be showcasing organizations and learning leaders who are successfully on the journey towards making PS work within their organizations.  This month we will be showcasing Bank of America and their visionary and courageous learning leader, Beth Daniel.  Beth will share her story on guiding their Global Learning Organization into PS and AGILE learning development... this is a MUST attend session!

March 30, 2015

Note: This is a recording of a past event

Although much of the attention of this community is on the design and development of effective Performance Support, one of the greatest advantages of adding PS to a solution is the impact it has on the training event.  "Blended" learning has been around for years now, but a total learning and performance solution moves beyond simply blending and offers a highly "Targeted" and focused learning event.  This webinar will show how to use "Targeted Learning" as a way to not just introduce your PS tool, BUT get the most out of any learning event.

March 21, 2014

Note: This is a recording of a past event

Have budgets and traditional view of "Training being the answer for every learning solution you're asked to create" been getting in the way of introducing performance support into the organizations you support? This webinar will be discussing how to get started in PS on a limited budget and buy-in! This was one of the highest rated webinar topics in our recent 2014 PS community Feature/Benefit survey. 

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