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The Performance Support Community (PSC) is a member-driven, global community of practice where professionals implementing performance support can share information, experiences, challenges, and successes. The Community advances evidence-based practices and influences technology evolution through conversation, collaboration, education, information sharing, and research.
All content and contributions come from the community for the community.

Performer Support

The PS Community currently hosts over 160 blogs contributed from across the community on issues from effectively designing performer support to gaining buy-in from the learners, the L&D team, and the enterprise at large.

The PS community is an active and vibrant community in the L&D industry. We host free monthly webinars and many of our members speak at industry events all over the world.

Not only do the PS community members contribute blogs and other content to the site, many are also published and recognized authors across our industry. We showcase this amazing work for all our members to access.

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